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For the last eight years we've scoured the small-cap space for top-notch stock picks that have outsized upside potential. We search for stocks poised to break-out of a normal trading range and explode to new highs. We identify Agressive Stocks that have compelling value propositions, competitive advantages, market changing leadership and disruptive technologies. These companies are often in the discovery phase with limited market recognition, some are riskier than others, but all have the attributes of delivering huge returns.


Only a few companies a year make the cut for what we at Agressive Stocks deem "Super Picks". Unlike other newsletters that jump on and off the hot stock of the day, we invest the time, energy and diligence to identify our "Super Picks" and provide investors the opportunity to build positions in these potential highflyers.



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We're proud of our track record, accomplished only by highlighting companies that meet our defined criteria. These companies are well positioned to beat market returns and turn portfolios positive.


Due to the significant resources devoted to identifying these companies, we only pick a few companies a year that meet the criteria of a Super Pick. In addition to our Super Picks we also suggest other trades for you to earn quick profits and offer other trading strategies that could make you a lot of money.


Don't wait! Our next stock pick is coming out soon and while we can't guarantee where it's going, we believe this one could be our biggest winner ever - and it won't cost you a fortune to establish a meaningful position. Our service is all about helping investors get in on the ground floor of the best situations we can identify and providing the opportunity to build a valuable position ahead of the big money crowd.


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