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For the last five years, I’ve sharked the small-cap space for top-notch stock picks that have given my subscribers the opportunity to trade for between a 100-1000% profit! The reason I have this track record is because I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and make a significant investments in the companies I choose to feature in my newsletter.



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With a proven and solid track record, Agressive Stocks features only those companies that meet select criteria that I defined and tested long ago. These companies are well-funded with an attractive public relations/investor relations program so the company can continually add value for all of its shareholders.


Only a few companies a year make the cut for what we at Agressive Stocks deem a “Super Pick.” Unlike other newsletters that jump on and off the “hottest” stock of the day, Aggressive Stocks spends big money on these Super Picks, often times taking a position in restricted stock for a year before earning any profits.


This ensures considerable and necessary due diligence is performed so that you have the opportunity to cash in.



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Due to the significant resources I devote to these companies, I can only pick a few companies a year that I feel meet the criteria of a Super Pick. I will have other trades for you to earn quick profits, as well as options, earnings plays, and offer many other trading strategies that could make you a lot of money, not to mention put a huge smile on your face!!


Don’t wait, my next stock pick will be coming out soon and while I can’t guarantee where it’s going, I think this one could go up 1500% and it will not cost you a fortune to establish a large position. After all, my service is all about helping investors get in on the ground floor of the best opportunities and build a valuable position ahead of the big money crowd. A $2,000 dollar investment in my next pick, could earn you a minimum of $6,000 dollars in profits.


Join now and I hope you get in on the fun, but if you don’t buy my pick, at least watch it, so you can see that I am the real deal. Plus, I am currently writing a book on the OTC market, for Investors, and, upon completion, I will provide complimentary copies to my subscribers. Good luck and let’s TRADE to Win!


P.S. I do not give out, rent or sell my subscriber lists, for any reason, ever.